Boy or Girl Christmas Elf Toy & Magical Reward Kit

Directly from the North Pole, our award-winning Christmas Elf & Magical Reward Kit will bring fun & magic to homes & classrooms this December.

A friendly face, a festive outfit, long legs & mischievously long arms – our Limited Edition Christmas Elf is perfectly designed for fun & games! Our boy Elf finds it easy get up to mischief (the arms are long enough to reach around things & his hands velcro together!) With a cute little face & dinky dungarees, we know Elf will be loved.

Where the magic really happens is in the Magical Reward Kit – a unique & magical package to promote good behaviour. Designed for families with up to two siblings, all of the items in our kit can be shared & we have included two Letters to Santa & two Nice List Certificates, so you can personalise these to each child.

Larger families, or anyone wanting a full kit per child, will need to order a refill kit. Our Magical Reward Kit is full of fun to help you bring the magic of a Christmas Elf to life!

Our unique kit includes:

  • Boy Christmas Elf Toy – A limited edition Christmas Elf toy, our own unique design, aprox 28cm tall.
  • An Arrival Letter from Santa – straight from the North Pole, explaining why Elf is here (designed so you can personalise it with your child’s name).
  • Mini Elf Report cards – report cards for good behaviour. We have also included two Naughty List warning cards, just incase you need them. Use these as you see fit.
  • 2 x Letter to Santa templates – have some fun writing to the Big Man himself with this official North Pole Correspondence. We have included a space for drawing Santa a picture too.
  • 2 x Official Nice List Certificates – with space to personalise the certificate with your child’s name & a description of exactly what they have achieved.
  • Christmas Reward Chart & a sheet of Elf Stickers – Personalise the chart with your child’s name & choose tasks you would like them to try. Ideal for household chores, tidying, reading, kindness or potty training. A fun way to reward good behaviour every day.
  • Beware of the Elf Sign & Santa Please Stop Here Sign – Just a bit of fun for your door – to warn guests you have a Mischievous House Elf!
  • Departure Letter – from Elf, thanking you for your hospitality. Perfect to leave out on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning when Elf has departed.
  • A Thank You postcard – you can send to your children, from Elf, in January to thank them for looking after Elf. A lovely magical reminder of the fun they have had!

Elf for Christmas Magical Elf Door


The perfect way for Elf to travel back and forth from the North Pole to your home, this delightful family keepsake promotes imagination, creativity and joy.
The quality resin door stands at 22cm high and can even light up, to act as a night light or to indicate the exciting arrival of a special little North Pole pal!
The Magical Elf Door comes complete with an Elf Welcome Guide booklet and interchangeable sticker signs, including messages such as “Reindeer Parking Only”, “Elves at Work – Gift Wrapping” and “Please Do Not Feed The Elves”.



The perfect Christmas book to read with your children this Christmas Eve. Join everyone’s favourite Christmas Elf for his first magical adventure in this heart-warming Christmas story by Sarah Greenwell.

Inspired by and starring our popular Elf for Christmas toy, we follow our hero on his quest to find a family who’ll give him a loving home in the run up to Christmas.

After helping Santa prepare for Christmas, Elf decides to have a little adventure of his own, leaving the North Pole to fly through the night sky until he finds a little girl and a little boy who just can’t wait to welcome him into their home.

Promoting kindness, fun and good behaviour, this uplifting and amusing Christmas story is told in charming rhyme, accompanied by beautifully detailed original illustrations, making it a pleasure to read aloud and share with younger children.

Perfect for Elf fans everywhere, Elf’s First Adventure is set to become a Christmas Eve classic. December will never be the same again!

28 page paperback, written by Sarah Greenwell & illustrated by Gillian Gamble.